Yes, Brad is still alive! I’m working on the comic when I’m in the mood which, honestly, is not as often as I’d like.

I think I’ve settled on the art style I like now – with the black outer line and cel-shaded interiors, so it should be more consistent from now on.

↓ Transcript
MEGAN: Right now I'm 21 and you? You look about 17.
BRAD: Mmm, and?
MEGAN: And you'll still look 17 when I'm an old woman.
BRAD: Woah! hold the phone! Are you telling me you want me to...
BRAD: Bring you into this eternal HELL of undeath?
MEGAN: Oh my God... you are SUCH a drama queen.
MEGAN: What's so bad about being immortal, anyway?
BRAD: Well... okay... sure... The immortality bit is kinda cool.